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We are so blessed and privileged to offer a quality Christian education for our community. We appreciate our parents who are dedicated to our mission and see the value of sending their children to our school. That being said much like any business our tuition is set up to cover our operating expenses. While tuition funds a large portion of what it costs to educate our students, it does not cover everything it takes to build and run an exceptional school like RTCA. It does not cover improvements or enhancements to our programs and facilities.

As a member of our RT family, we thank you in advance for any support you offer our school. Our parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and community partners are what make us great. With your help, we can continue to nurture our students and grow our institution.

Every aspect of our school is impacted by your generosity—from spiritual growth, special programs, curriculum, athletics, and campus facilities. All are made possible through you. We invite you to explore the various ways you can support our RT family in the adjacent tabs.

Ways to SuppoRT

RTCA hosts many programs throughout the year to help make our school even better for our students. Please consider supporting these programs throughout the year that help us grow our school and provide the best we can for our children.

School Programs: 

Alyn Scholarship-Tax Allocation 
Annual Fund 
Discount Cards
RTCA Annual Auction
School Raffle 
Evening With the Arts
Field Day 
Coke Sale

Parents League:

Sweets Days
Fall Festival
Teacher Appreciation Week


Sponsorship opportunities
Sports Program 
Spring Sports Raffle 
Booster Club

Payment and support for these and other opportunities we have on campus can be made with cash, check, or venmo (@robert-toombs-628) Contributions to certain programs also qualify as a tax deduction. A tax document can be provided for your records upon request.

SuppoRT through Scholarship

Everyone works hard for their money and it's theirs to spend.  However, we're all required to pay a portion of our earnings in the form of taxes without any direct oversight as to where our money goes or who gets to benefit from it.  But the Education Tax Credit Program provides an alternative.

Georgia tax payers have an opportunity to support students at a GA private school of their choice using the same money they're otherwise going to pay in taxes.  Instead of sending their money to the politicians in Atlanta, they can redirect a portion of their taxes to ASF and directly support students at Robert Toombs Christian Academy.

If you would be interested in donating, please click here.