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Click here for the 2023-24 Varsity Schedule.

16   Arlie Gooden        SR   OF/INF/P
6     Haylie Kight          SR   INF
8     Bree Wimberly      SR   INF
21  Meredith Durden   JR   P
9    Emily Edwards       JR   OF
3    Maddie Joyner       JR   INF
14  Railee Thomas       JR   C
5    Leighton Williams  FR   INF/OF
13  Julia Yacovelli        FR   OF
24  Kinsley Kennedy    8th  P/INF


Head Coach: Brian Fitzgerald
Staff: Jeremy Joyner
         Mark Mcdaniel
         Brian Durden
         Aries Haygood

Coach Brian Fitzgerald

Click here for the 2023-24 Middle School Schedule.

23   Kinsley Kennedy         8th   P/INF
15   Chesney Burch            7th  C/INF
14   Anna Bell Coe              7th  P/INF
21   Anna Kate Joyner       7th  OF/INF
6     Sailor Monroe              7th  OF
20   Maddie Palma             7th  OF
8     Braylin Pittman            7th  C/INF
3     Mary Francis Stanley  7th  INF
2     Elin Haygood               6th  INF/OF
5     Bentley Lockley           6th  OF
12   Rachel Meeks             6th  OF 
11  Aerionna Birkheimer   6th  OF

Brian Fitzgerald
Mark Mcdaniel
Aries Haygood
Becky Pittman

Coach Aries Haygood