RTCA’s lower school Student of the Month for March is third grader Ean Macker. Ean is the son of Andrew and Kaitlyn Macker. Ean has one brother, Noah, and one sister, Emery, who also attend RTCA. He also has a dog named Moose, that he loves very much! Ean was selected by faculty because he is a good student who puts forth his best efforts. He has a delightful personality and brings pleasure and joy to the classroom. He is very enthusiastic about learning new things and has been a great asset to third grade at RTCA this year. Ean’s favorite subject is math and his favorite color is green. He enjoys playing sports but loves to play baseball the most. When he grows up, he wants to be an inventor.
RTCA congratulates third grader Ean Macker.

RTCA’s Middle School Student of the Month for March is 6th grader Judith Hussey. Judith is the daughter of Joel and Helen Hussey. She has a younger brother, Joel Hussey Jr., who attends 3rd grade at RTCA. Judith was chosen by faculty because she is a devoted, respectful student who serves as a role-model in class each and every day. Judith’s favorite color is blue and her favorite subject is Bible. She is part of the middle school soccer team and also competed on the middle school basketball team. She loves her teachers and loves to worship God.
RTCA congratulates 6th grader Judith Hussey.

Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s March Student of the Month is sophomore Laejah Robertson. Laejah is the daughter of Danniqua and Nathanial Robertson. Laejah was selected by faculty because of her performance in the classroom. She does everything she is asked to do and is always willing to help others when needed. She is always polite and is never disruptive in the classroom. This is Laejah’s first year at RTCA. She was part of the 2020-21 Lady Crusader Basketball team. Laejah’s favorite hobbies are playing with her dogs, shopping, and spending time with her family and friends. After high school, Laejah plans on attending Georgia Southern University to pursue a degree in the medical field.
RTCA congratulates sophomore Laejah Robertson.