Robert Toombs Christian Academy is proud to announce that Ashley Lampp, High School Science Teacher, was recognized as a GISA Master Teacher on Monday, November 11th at the South GISA Conference in Valdosta. At this conference, the “Master Teachers” were recognized and received a plaque and pin to commemorate all their hard work.

Last school year, Mrs. Lampp was nominated by Mr. Absher to participate in the GISA Master Teacher Program. “Mrs. Lampp encompasses all of the qualities that we want in a teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable in her content area; she is dedicated, approachable, caring, and has a passion for educating young people. Mrs. Lampp goes above and beyond the call of duty and is willing to do whatever ti takes to help each one of her students. She has high expectations for her students and pushes them so that they are ready for the rigorous college work that lies ahead,” states Mr. Absher, Head of School at RTCA.

Mrs. Lampp worked on her portfolio during the Spring semester and submitted it to be considered in May. She had to collect letters of recommendation, document her teaching practices, present proof of collaboration with other teachers, write several self-reflections, and even film herself teaching several times. Once all of the qualifications were completed, her portfolio was reviewed by the Master Teacher Review board over the summer. In August, she found out that out of 36 schools across the state and 160 plus members of the GISA Master Teacher Program, she was chosen to be recognized as a “GISA Master Teacher”. “The portfolio was a lot of work, yet very rewarding to see how far I have come since being a new teacher. I think it is very important for experienced teachers to push themselves and not get complacent. I am always looking for ways to push myself so that I can better serve my students. The opportunity to participate in the GISA Master Teacher Program provided opportunities for self-reflection that I feel are necessary for personal growth,” states Mrs. Lampp.

Mr. Absher acknowledges that “after reviewing the portfolio that she turned in to the GISA, I proudly say that she represented our school well and is very deserving of this recognition.”

Pictured L-R: Vice President of GISA Dr. Stan Whitlock, Mrs. Lampp, and President of GISA Dr. Jeff Jackson