Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s Varsity and Middle School Cheerleading Competition teams competed on November 23rd in Americus for the GISA State title. The Middle School Competition team won the GISA State title to make them Back to Back State Champions. The Varsity Competition team performed their best routine of the season and finished the season with three first place wins. For the All-State team, over 60 girls from across the state tried out for the team. The selection is based on a cheer component, jumps, and tumbling skills. Only 16 girls were selected and RTCA is proud to announce that two girls made the team. Freshman Mary-Claire Wolfe and senior Samantha Threlkeld were selected to be a member of the GISA All-State Cheerleading team. The teams have added 16 trophies, including 2 State Championships to the trophy case at RTCA in the last two seasons. The Competition Cheerleading teams are coached by Maddie Adams and Allison Dismuke.

Middle School Team (Pictured L-R):
Front Row: Caley Anna Braddock (8th grade), Ava NeeSmith (6th grade), Madaline Wolfe (6th grade), Kailen Brantley (5th grade), and Maggie Bowers (5th grade)
Back Row: Rachel Threlkeld (8th grade), Kamille Collins (8th grade), Marlie Dismuke (6th grade), Marly Dismuke (8th grade), Kylie Acosta (7th grade), Emmie Davis (8th grade), and Caroline Thompson (8th grade)

Varsity Team (pictured L-R):
Front Row: Samantha Threlkeld (senior), Ella Stanley (senior), Rachel Threlkeld (8th grade), Addie Thompson (freshman), Caroline Thompson (8th grade)
Back Row: Britton Botelho (freshman), Emma NeeSmith (freshman), Analise Williams (senior), Mary-Claire Wolfe (freshman), Caley Anna Braddock (8th grade), Emmie Davis (8th grade), Kamille Collins (8th grade), and Marly Dismuke (8th grade)

RTCA All-State Cheerleaders (pictured L-R):
Mary-Claire Wolfe (freshman) and Samantha Threlkeld (senior)