Media Center


From kindergarten to graduation our Media Center and Technology department work with students and teachers to impart a love of reading, inspire imagination, create connections, and celebrate learning.

The primary purpose of the library is to support, enrich, and extend the curriculum of RTCA. The librarian provides research skills instruction, reading guidance, and ready reference assistance for students, classes, faculty, staff, and parents.

RTCA provides a Book Adventure program for the elementary students. The Book Adventure program is to encourage elementary students to read 175 books or more throughout the school year. Any student who reaches this goal will receive $100 from Goin’ Postal. RTCA would like to thank Goin’ Postal for encouraging our elementary students to continue reading.

Technology Center

RTCA is committed to the integration of technology in the classroom and throughout the educational environment. The RTCA faculty has identified the needs of each grade level and works to ensure that these needs are met.
Technology is integrated into the curriculum in a variety of ways. In addition to general computer skills classes, the teacher incorporates a variety of activities into specific subject areas for each grade level. RTCA students also participate in keyboarding basics and computer application skills. Examples include projects utilizing word processing, spreadsheets, and multi-media presentations.

Robert Toombs Christian Academy has high-speed internet connection with wireless access throughout campus. In addition, we have a newly renovated the Technology Center and created a Resource Room with computers for instruction, as well as multiple areas with computer stations for student use. Many classrooms are outfitted with interactive whiteboards and projectors.