Guidance Office

RTCA students have available a school counselor who is responsible for guiding the student in both academic and personal growth.  The counselor is available for guidance in academic course selections, discussion of grades/class concerns, college and career planning or personal problems.  The Director of Guidance is available throughout the school day.

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Class schedules are made with the number of students and class load of staff members in mind.  The Guidance Counselor counsels students to develop a schedule for each student.  No changes may be made except through the Guidance Counselor.  No schedules will be changed after the second week of the semester.  For students choosing to move to a higher or lower level course, the grades for the first two weeks of class will follow the student to the new class.


The upper school at RTCA provides a college preparatory education and desires to equip students to be extraordinary thinkers and Christ-honoring decision makers. Students must have 23 credits to graduate.

4 units of English
4 units of Math
4 units of Science
4 units of Social Studies, including Bible History
1 unit Health/PE
2 units Foreign Language
4 Electives

RTCA offers various types of high school courses, including College Prep, Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment courses.  Students are encouraged to choose courses based on their interests and strengths.



All 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT in the Fall.  All 8th and 9th grade students take the PSAT in the Spring . The PSAT establishes basic skills and ability and assists in measuring student aptitude toward college level classes.  Juniors may choose to participate in the PSAT testing to be a possible candidate for the National Merit Scholarship program.


All students are encouraged and expected to take the SAT and the ACT as part of their application process for college. Both tests are accepted by the majority of colleges and universities. The SAT measures the critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills that students need to do college level work. The ACT assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college level work.  The course elective, SAT Prep, is recommended for students preparing to take the SAT or ACT.  Students are also encouraged to practice on Kahn Academy and College Board.  The SAT and the ACT are offered on RTCA’s campus.


RTCA wants to offer support to students who learn differently so that they may develop into successful, independent, life-long learners. When students experience success in the classroom, it builds self-confidence and develops a love of learning. RTCA wants to address the needs of students with specific, documented Learning Differences and/or Attention Deficit Disorder and to help these students learn academic strategies to enhance their educational experience.  However, as a private school, RTCA is limited in what services can be offered.

Students are required to meet the following qualifications to be considered for accommodations:

Have an educational/psychological evaluation that is no more than three years old. This evaluation must be administered by a private licensed psychologist or by a school psychologist in the public school system and contain academic recommendations outlining what the students’ needs to be successful in the classroom. School staff will review students testing results and recommendations in the educational/psychological evaluation to determine how the student will be best served at RTCA.

If the student had an IEP or 504 plan at a previous public school, please provide that as well.

The teacher implements the directives recommended in the required comprehensive educational/psychological evaluation in accordance with school policies. The school counselor will schedule quarterly meetings to review the agreed upon plan set forth by the team.  Adjustments will be made if necessary.


RTCA students may take courses offered through the MOWR (dual enrollment) program and simultaneously earn college and high school credit.  The student participates in college classes offered on RTCA’s campus.  The student will receive high school credit (1.0 Carnegie unit) while also receiving college credit (3 hours). To participate, see the Guidance Counselor.

Dual enrollment courses allow high school students to take academic degree level core courses that will transfer to any Georgia technical college or Georgia public college or university. All college coursework taken through MOWR will be fully covered through MOWR funding, and students will not be required to pay out of pocket for tuition, college fees, or textbooks. The only fees students may be responsible for are course-specific fees determined by the college. No hours taken through the MOWR program will count towards a student’s HOPE Grant or Scholarship caps.

RTCA partners with Southeastern Technical College to teach MOWR courses on campus.  As a student at STC and RTCA, the student will be required to adhere to all high school and technical college rules and regulations.


Students are awarded three different diploma types based on their chosen courses.

COLLEGE PREP students will take all regular level courses.  These classes will meet state diploma requirements.

COLLEGE PREP WITH DISTINCTION students will take a combination of Honors, Dual Enrollment and College Prep courses.  A student must have at least four full Honors, DE or AP level credits.

HONORS students will take all Honors courses offered with only “one course off track” (ex. student takes a regular English instead of Honors English). Typically, students cannot be “off track” for Math or Science courses due to pre-requisites and pacing (ex. A student cannot take Honors Physics or AP Chemistry without having had Honors Chemistry I or the appropriate math pre-requisite).

Beginning with the Class of 2021, the “one course off track” rule is no longer an option (i.e. Students who are Honors track may no longer take one course off track.).

Please note that an Honor Graduate is different from an Honors Diploma.  An Honors Graduate maintains a 90 or above numerical grade average. An Honors Diploma student takes the highest  level courses offered at RTCA.


To calculate the student’s GPA for eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship in college, the Guidance Counselor will upload transcripts to the Georgia Student Finance Commission website after each school year.  Final transcript calculations are done by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.  Graduating students must also reflect 4 courses of rigor on the high school transcript in order to receive the HOPE Scholarship.  Please note that all extra points awarded for Honors and AP courses are stripped by Georgia Futures for HOPE calculations.

Courses of Rigor include but are not limited to the following: Spanish II, Algebra II, Advanced Algebra/Trig, Advanced Math & Decision Making, Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Physics, Chemistry I, Biology II, Anatomy, all AP courses, and all MOWR courses.  Students are encouraged to create an account on the Georgia Futures website so they can monitor their progress.


Students will be retained under the following guidelines:


Teacher recommendation

Absences exceeding 20 in a school year

1st – 5th Grade

A student fails reading and math for the year.

A student fails reading or math and another academic subject for the year.

Absences exceed 20 for the year.

6TH -8TH Grade

Students who fail one to two  academic classes in grades 6 – 8 must make up the courses during summer school.  Students who fail three or more will be retained.

High School

Grade level in high school is based on credits earned.  Students must have 6 or more credits to be considered a 10th grader, 12 or more credits to be considered an 11th grader, and 17 or more credits to be considered a senior.


If a student repeats a course due to failure, both the failing grade and the passing grade will be reflected on the transcript and calculated into the GPA. The student will receive credit for the repeated semester. RTCA uses Keystone Credit Recovery for making up failed courses.  All students needing to retake courses must consult with the Guidance Counselor before registering for any summer school class. It is the parent’s responsibility to pay for the course.  An official transcript showing completion of the course must be given to the Registrar in order for the credit to be transferred to the RTCA transcript.


College Application Checklist (link here:

Timeline for Your Senior Year (link here:

College Board, the SAT company.
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The Princeton Review
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Test Prep Site

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