Six times in a row Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s Literary Team has been the Region Champions. R.T.C.A. competed in the GISA 2-AA Region Competition on March 6, at Southeastern Technical College. They will compete for State on March 21 at Gordon State College.

First place finishers:
Spelling-Cody Masterman-Smith (Junior)
Humorous Oral Interpretation-Andi Brinson (Senior)
Duo Oral Interpretation-Rose Bishop and Jarron Guy (Seniors)
Extemporaneous Speaking-Shane Moore (Junior)
Girls Solo-Shelby Thomas (Junior)
Boys Solo-Jarron Guy (Senior)
Boys Quartet-Jarrnon Guy(Senior), Fernando Zayas(Sophomore), Travis Williams(Senior), Cody Masterman-Smith (Junior)

Second place finishers:
Argumentative Essay- Evan Venable(Senior)
Dramatic Oral Interpretation-Cody Masterman-Smith(Junior)
Impromptu Speaking- Travis Williams(Junior)
Piano-Hayden Wiggins(Freshman)
Girls Trio-Kate Sullivan(Senior), Rose Bishop(Senior), Shelby Thomas(Junior)

Third place finishers:
Personal Essay-Rose Bishop(Senior)
Rhetorical Essay-Hunter Brotman(Sophomore)
The R.T.C.A. literary coaches are Mrs. Susan Sullivan, Ms. Christina Trowell and Mr. Frank Champion.

Pictured L-R:

Front: Shane Moore, Evan Venable, Travis Willaims, Mr. Frank Champion, Mrs. Susan Sullivan, Ms. Christina Trowell
Middle: Cody Masterman-Smith and Andi Brinson
Back: Shelby Thomas, Hunter Brotman, Kate Sullivan, Jarron Guy, Hayden Wiggins, Fernando Zayas, Rose Bishop