We would like to start a new Senior tradition this year with our Senior Parking Lot Painting Party! For $40 you will receive your parking permit and a reserved parking spot during the school hours this year that you can personalize! If you have already paid for your parking permit, then you will only pay $30.  Painting day will be September 9th from 8a.m.-2p.m.!

For more details or if you would like to participate, please click on the forms below. All forms and designs will need to be turned in by September 6th!

If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Dykes (ndykes@gortca.com) or Mrs. Belcher (dbelcher@gortca.com).

We hope this will be a fun event and the start of an exciting tradition for the Seniors!

RTCA Senior Paint the Parking Lot 2017

RTCA Parking spot sketch