RTCA’s Lower School Student of the Month for November is first grader Thom Vendl. Thom is the son of Thom and Alex Vendl. He has a twin sister Lily and a brother, Alexander. He also has a dog named Savannah. Thom was chosen by faculty because he is a very sweet child. He is a friend to everyone and has a huge heart. He works hard in the classroom and is a great leader in first grade. Thom’s father is currently deployed in Korea. Thom won a cash prize at RTCA’s Fall Festival and when asked what he was going to do with the money, Thom responded “by a ticket to Korea so I can see my dad.” Thom’s favorite subject is math and his favorite color is blue. He enjoys playing soccer, video games, and with his Legos. When he grows up, he wants to be a soccer player or a soccer coach.
RTCA congratulates first grader Thom Vendl.

RTCA’s Middle School Student of the Month for November is sixth grader Hadley Garrett. Hadley is the daughter of Gabe and Monica Garrett. She has a younger sister, Lila, who is in the 4th grade at RTCA. Hadley was chosen by faculty for student of the month because she is a joy to teach in the classroom. She is often quiet, however, when she does join discussions she always has something profound and insightful to contribute. Hadley comes to class prepared and strives for excellence. She is always kind and considerate to her classmates and respectful to adults. Hadley’s favorite subject is English. She is a member of the 4-H Club, Beta Club, and the Spirit Band. Hadley plays the percussion in the band. Outside of school, Hadley also takes piano lessons. During her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, playing video games, and playing with her dogs.
RTCA congratulates sixth grader Hadley Garrett.

RTCA’s High School Student of the Month for November is sophomore Maci Whitney. Maci is the daughter of Kristi Whitney and David and Shonda Whitney. She has three older siblings and one younger sister, Kylie, who also attends RTCA. Maci was selected by faculty because of her leadership skills. She is part of Leo Club and took the initiative of gathering food boxes and getting them to the gym for the school chapel. She had every box in the gym before she left for school that day. Maci even stayed to get a total count of all of the cans donated. Maci has attended RTCA since K4 and is a member of Leo Club and Student Government Association. Maci participated in cheerleading her freshman year and plans on cheering her junior and senior years. Her favorite subjects are history and English. During her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music. After high school, Maci plans on pursuing a career in cosmetology.
RTCA congratulates sophomore Maci Whitney.