RTCA’s lower school Student of the Month for November is 5th grader Sailor Monroe. Sailor is the daughter of Scott and Katie Moore and Lex Monroe. She has two brothers, Hunter and Asher, and twin sisters Charli and Chesney. She also has a goat named Eugene and two dogs named Cali and Paris and two cats named Sunset and Donut. Sailor was selected by faculty because she is extremely kind, thoughtful, and generous. She is a go-getter and works hard academically for success in each subject. Sailor’s favorite subject is math but loves all subjects. She enjoys dancing, cheering, basketball, piano, and swimming. Sailor’s favorite color is blue and she loves collecting painted rocks. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor.
RTCA congratulates 5th grader Sailor Monroe!

RTCA’s Middle School Student of the Month for November is 7th grader Amelia Moore. Amelia is the daughter of Amy and Robert Moore. She has two older siblings, Ann who graduated from RTCA in 2014 and Rob in 2021. Amelia has attended RTCA since K3. Amelia was chosen as Student of the Month because she is a great student as well as a great helper. She has been helping the art teacher with her Kindergarten class and is wonderful with the little ones. She is a wonderful second set of eyes and hands to have in the classroom during that time. Amelia participates in soccer and is the water girl for the Varsity Football team. She has an uplifting spirit about herself and loves to give hugs, always smiles and asks how everyone is doing around campus. Amelia also carries this enthusiasm to the soccer field and in the classroom. You can hear her cheering and encouraging others all throughout the day.

RTCA congratulates 7th grader Amelia Moore.

Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s October Student of the Month is sophomore Alli Hart. Alli is the daughter of Clint Hart and Tommie McClendon. She has attended RTCA since K4. Alli was chosen by faculty because she is helpful, kind, and an excellent student. Her ideas in the class are always creative and she is always willing to help others. Alli’s favorite subject is European history with Mrs. Findley. She is a member of Leo and Beta Club. She enjoys playing soccer, cheering, and spending time with her friends and family.
RTCA congratulates sophomore Alli Hart.