Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s K4 class had their end of year program on Thursday, May 18th in the RTCA gymnasium. This year’s program was ‘Down on the Farm’ and students were dressed in their overalls, boots, and farm hats. K4 students Weston Williams, Cash Coley, Cooper Riner, and Rush Payne began the program by leading the Pledges to the American Flag, Christian Flag, and the Bible. Nettaley Coursey, Hudson Hughes, and Everly Dykes then led the Welcome Poem followed by the class singing “Join us on the Farm” by Kidspring. Maddox Joiner and Cash Coley then talked about farm animals followed by Cooper Riner, Cooper Sparks and Rush Payne leading the class singing “I Know A Chicken” by Laurie Berkner Band. Cooper Riner and Ramsey Bryant then spoke about sheep and recited Psalm 23:1 followed by Nettaley Coursey and Maddox Joiner singing “I Wanna be a Sheep” by Justin Graves Band. Weston Williams and Cooper Sparks recited the Purple Cow Poem followed by Milo Pittman and Cash Coley giving their thoughts about being a farmer.Rush Payne and Milo Pittman then gave their thoughts about mud followed by Ramsey Bryant and Everly Dykes leading the class singing “I Love Mud” by Rick Charette. Maddox Joiner, Cooper Sparks, and Hudson Hughes then gave their thoughts about pigs followed by Hudson Hughes and Weston Williams jamming out to “The Three Little Pigs Blues” by Greg and Steve. Nettaley Coursey, Milo Pittman, Ramsey Bryant, and Everly Dykes said one final goodbye to friends and family who attended. The K4 class then sang “It’s Been A Good Year” to close out the program. Mrs. Beth NeSmith then presented each student with their preschool certificates.

Pictured L-R:
Front Row: Milo Pittman, Cash Coley, Cooper Sparks, Weston Williams
Back Row: Ramsey Bryant, Nettaley Coursey, Hudson Hughes, Everly Dykes, Rush Payne, Maddox Joiner, Cooper Riner