Robert Toombs Christian Academy held its official class ring ceremony for the Class of 2021. Carleigh Defee, a Junior at RTCA, welcomed family and friends to the ceremony. Junior Justin Johnson led the Pledge of Allegiance and innovation, followed by Kaitlyn Reaves, who spoke about the ring tradition. Hayne Brant, Administrator at RTCA, presented the rings to the class, and a representative from Herff Jones Company gave the official declaration.

Girls-(L-R): Carolina Mead, Carleigh DeFee, Anna Cuevas-Ortes, Katie McDuffie, Maison Garbutt, Kaitlyn Reaves, Madison Glisson

Boys-(L-R): Jadon Robertson, Andrew Mead, Ashton Scott, Ridge Vause, Rob Moore, Justin Johnson, Steven McDonald, Trey Brant