Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s student athlete, junior Bree Wimberly, reached a monumental milestone in her high school athletic career scoring over 1500 points. Wimberly needed only 7 points during the Region Championship game and scored 31 points. Lady Crusaders Head Coach, Jake Wilkinson, praised the athlete’s accomplishments saying, “Bree came over from David Emanuel last year and has been a big impact for our team. I knew she was a great scorer but she has turned into an overall great player now. As a coach I have always said defense wins games and when she became part of our team, she had to work on that with a new team and she has. With her being a junior, I’m excited to continue working with her to better her game and help her reach her goals and achievements.” This is a big accomplishment for Wimberly and the Lady Crusader Basketball team.
Bree Wimberly was presented a custom basketball made by her team and Coach Jake Wilkinson.