Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s Homecoming will be held this Friday, September 1. Kickoff begins at 8:00 p.m. against Thomas Jefferson Academy.

Homecoming representatives are:

Hannah Coursey (Senior Football Representative), daughter of Alan and Tanya Coursey
K.D. Frost, daughter of Kenton and Phillisa Frost
Cassi Heath, daughter of Will and Alice Heath
Ansley Spivey, daughter of Stacy and Eva Spivey
Addison Wingate, daughter of Jason and Kelly Wingate

Roya Adkins, daughter of Laila Mozdab and Michael Adkins
Payton Nance, daughter of Billy and Robin Nance
Baylee Williamson, daughter of Jeffrey and Angelia Williamson

Ella Stanley, daughter of Vince and Donna Stanley
Samantha Threlkeld, daughter of Craig and Tammi Threlkeld

Carolina Mead, daughter of Paul and Lisa Mead