Robert Toombs Christian Academy held its annual High School Honors Day on Monday, May 9th in the RTCA gymnasium. Here’s what Mr. Absher, Head of School at RTCA, has to say about Honors Night, “Honors Night is all about celebrating the accomplishments of our students and honoring those that have performed at a high level all year long. We are very proud of what our students accomplished this year. Our school is graduating a talented class, but we have a very strong class stepping up to fill their shoes. As we close out this school year, we immediately start looking forward to great things next year. I look forward to seeing our students grow and accomplish their goals.” Awards are as follows:


Committed Crusaders :           

  • Britton Botelho
  • Amily Mixon
  • Hanna Nichols
  • Zachary Reaves
  • Andrew Tuck
  • Mary Claire Wolfe


Students of the Month:

August – Bradlan McDonald

September- Addie Thompson

October – Emmie Lynn

November – Maci Whitney

December – Abbie Bishop

January – Sebastian Holmes

February – Amily Mixon

March – Haylie Kight

April – Carston Tapley

May – Payton McConnell


Good Citizenship Award:

Addie Thompson 

Meredith Durden

Jayden Morris

Mandy Johnson 


Perfect Attendance: Hayden Meeks


Georgia Certificate to Merit:

Cole Masterman-Smith

Emmie Davis

Caroline Thompson


Academic Subject Awards


Highest Average in 9th Grade Honors Literature- Autumn Moore

Highest Average for 9th Grade College Prep Literature – Kylie Whitney

Highest Average in HonorsWorld Literature- Carlie Shaw

Highest Average in College Prep. World Literature- Payton McConnell

Highest Average in Honors American Literature- Cole Masterman-Smith and Caroline Thompson (tie)

Highest Average in College Prep. American Literature – Ansley Akins

Highest Average in AP Literature and Composition – Kate Kennedy

Highest Average in College Prep British Literature (CP)- Josiah Meek



Highest Average for College Prep. Algebra I- DJ Clifton

Highest Average for Honors Geometry – Autumn Moore, Isaac Holton, Hayden Meeks (tie)

Highest Average for College Prep Geometry. (CP) – Evi White

Highest Average for Honors Algebra II- TJ Stanley

Highest Average for Algebra II – Addi Walden

Highest Average for Honors Advanced Alg. (honors) – Cole Masterman-Smith

Highest Average for Consumer Math- Dawson Pinckard and Amily Mixon and Addie Thompson (tie)



HIghest average for Honors Bible History – Autumn Moore and Lily Cauley (tie)

Highest Average for College Prep. Bible History – Carlie Shaw

Highest Average for College Prep. World History – Payton McConnell

Highest Average for AP US History- Cole Masterman-Smith

Highest Average for College Prep US History- Hunter Sikes

Highest Average for Economics- Kate Kennedy

Highest Average for American Government. – Kate Kennedy

Highest Average for AP European History – Kylie Acosta



HIghest average for Honors Biology- Autumn Moore

HIghest average for College Prep. Biology- Kylie Whitney

Highest Average for Honors Chemistry- Kylie Acosta

Highest Average for 10th-grade Environmental Science – Payton McConnell

Highest Average for 11th-grade Environmental Science – Joey Todd

Highest Average for 12th-grade Biology II – Dawson Pinckard

Highest Average for AP Chemistry – Kate Kennedy


Yearly Headmaster’s List:

9th: Autumn Moore

11th: Cole Masterman-Smith

12th: Kate Kennedy


Yearly Honor Roll:


  1. Mekhia Bell
  2. Lily Cauley
  3. Isaac Holton
  4. Mandy Johnson
  5. Grayson Smesny
  6. Kylie Whitney


  1. Kylie Acosta
  2. Adrian Avila
  3. Justin Bowers
  4. Meredith Durden
  5. Madalyn Joyner
  6. Macy Kennedy
  7. Payton McConnell
  8. Savannah Moore
  9. Jadyn Morris
  10. Ella Newton
  11. Carlie Shaw
  12. TJ Stanley
  13. James Varnes


  1. Ansley Akins
  2. Ava Kate Bomkamp
  3. Madison Cravey
  4. Emmie Davis
  5. Mitch Fulmer
  6. Arlie Gooden
  7. Alli Hart
  8. Hayden Kight
  9. Caroline Thompson
  10. Rachel Threkeld
  11. Joey Todd
  12. Addie Walden


  1. Nicole Acosta
  2. Adria Cuevas Ortes
  3. Emmie Lynn
  4. Amily Mixon
  5. Dawson Pinckard
  6. Addie Thompson
  7. Andrew Tuck


Academic Achievement Award:

9th Grade Second-Highest Average: Mandy Johnson

9th Grade Highest Average: Autumn Moore


10th Grade Second Highest Average: TJ Stanley

10th Grade Highest Average: Kylie Acosta


11th Grade Second Highest Average: Emmie Davis and Ava Kate Bomkamp (tie)

11th Grade Highest Average: Cole Masterman-Smith


12th Grade Second-Highest Average: Andrew Tuck

12th Grade Highest Average: Kate Kennedy


Christian Athlete of the Year:

  1. Female – Meredith Durden
  2. Male – Hayden Kight

Academic Athlete of the Year:

  1. Female – Nicole Acosta
  2. Male- Andrew Tuck

Athlete of the Year:

  1. Female – Kylie Acosta
  2. Male – JaShaun Powell

Junior Marshals:

  1. Cole Masterman-Smith
  2. Emmie Davis
  3. Caroline Thompson
  4. Ava Kate Bomkamp

Teacher of the Year Award – Mr. Matthew Meeks

Valedictorian: Kate Kennedy

Salutatorian: Andrew Tuck

Honor Graduates:

  1. Kate Kennedy
  2. Andrew Tuck
  3. Nicole Acosta
  4. Dawson Pinckard
  5. Mary Claire Wolfe
  6. Addie Thompson
  7. Adria Cuevas Ortes
  8. Britton Botelho
  9. Amily Mixon
  10. Abbie Bishop
Teacher of the Year- Matthew Meeks
Valedictorian- Kate Kennedy
Salutatorian-Andrew Tuck