Robert Toombs Christian Academy held its annual High School Honor’s Day on Thursday, May 20th in the RTCA gymnasium. Awards are as follows:


Good Citizenship Awards: Laejah Robertson, Justin Johnson, Britton Botelho, Carleigh DeFee, Addie Walden

9th Grade Headmaster’s List:

  • Emmie Davis
  • Caroline Thompson
  • Cole Masterman-Smith

9th Grade Honor Roll:

  • Ansley Akins
  • Ava Kate Bomkamp
  • Madison Cravey
  • Ali Hart
  • Rachel Threkeld
  • Addison Walden


10th Grade Headmaster’s List:

  • Nicoe Acosta
  • Kate Kennedy
  • Dawson Pinckard

10th Grade Honor Roll:

  • Amily Mixon
  • Britton Botelho
  • Adria Cuevas-Ortes
  • Addiwe Thompson
  • Andrew Tuck
  • Mary Claire Wolfe


11th Grade Headmaster’s List:

  • Ellie Graham
  • Jackson Newton

11th Grade Honor Roll:

  • Marlie McCranie
  • Chase Moxley


12th Grade Honor Roll:

  • Kaitleyn Reaves
  • Carleigh DeFee
  • Katie McDuffie
  • Justin Walker


Subject Awards:


9th grade Literature (Honors)- Cole Masterman-Smith

9th grade Literature (College Prep)- Ava Bomkamp

World Literature (Honors) – Kate Kennedy

World Literature (College Prep)- Dawson Pinckard

American Literature (Honors)- Ellie Graham

American Literature (College Prep) – Karson Evans

AP Literature and Composition – Carleigh DeFee

British Literature (College Prep)- Andrew Mead



Algebra I (College Prep) – Ava Bomkamp

Geometry (Honors)- Caroline Thompson

Geometry (College Prep) – Dawson Pinckard

Advanced Algebra (Honors) – Ellie Graham and Jackson Newton

Algebra II (Honors) – Kate Kennedy

Consumer Math- Katie McDuffie



Bible History (Honors) – Caroline Thompson

Bible History (College Prep) – Ansley Akins

World History (College Prep) – Dawson Pinckard

AP US History- Jackson Newton and Ellie Graham

US History- Addie Thomas

Economics- Kaitlyn Reaves

American Government – Kaitlyn Reaves

AP European History – Kate Kennedy



Biology (Honors) – Caroline Thompson

Biology (College Prep)- Ava Kate Bomkamp

Chemistry (Honors) – Kate Kennedy

Environmental Science – Dawson Pinckard 

Biology II – Morgan Newsome

AP Chemistry – Ellie Graham


Elective Courses:

9th Grade Computer Applications – Cole Masterman-Smith


Graduation Junior Marshals:

Ellie Graham

Marlie McCranie

Jackson Newton

Tyler Buggs

Madison Williams (alternate)


Honor Graduates:
Austin Akins
Anna Cuevas-Ortes
Carleigh DeFee
Kaitlyn Reaves
Nelson Thigpen

Athletes of the Year: Ellie Graham and Justin Walker

Scholar Athlete of the Year: Ellie Graham and Jackson Newton

Christian Athlete of the Year: Ellie Graham and Jackson Newton

Pictured L-R: 9th Graders Caroline Thompson (Highest Overall Average) and Cole Masterman-Smith (Second Highest Overall Average)

Pictured L-R: 10th Graders Kate Kennedy (Highest Overall Average) and Nicole Acosta (Second Highest Overall Average)


Pictured L-R: 11th Graders Ellie Graham (Highest Overall Average) and Jackson Newton (Second Highest Overall Average)

Pictured L-R: Kaitlyn Reaves (Valedictorian) and Carleigh DeFee (Salutatorian)

Linda Scott, High School Teacher of the Year