RTCA’s lower school Student of the Month for February is first grader Rylann Singleton. Rylann is the daughter of Greg and Kristen Singleton and has two siblings, Jaslyn and Max. Rylann was chosen by faculty because she is a model student and joy to teach. She is caring and kind to everyone. Rylann works hard and always does her best. Rylann’s favorite subject is P.E. and her favorite color is orange. Her favorite hobbies are fishing and softball. A fun fact about Rylann is that her teachers and classmates think she will grow up to be a great athlete. When Rylann grows up, she wants to be an engineer. RTCA congratulates first grader Rylann Singleton.

RTCA’s middle school Student of the Month for February is 6th grader Ava Grace NeeSmith. Ava Grace is the daughter of Brent and Dianne White and Terry NeeSmith. She has one sister, Emma, who is a freshman at RTCA. Ava Grace was selected by faculty because she helps others when they need it, is always pleasant and encouraging, and is a great leader for her peers. Ava Grace’s favorite color is purple and her favorite subject is math. Her favorite hobbies are dance, cheerleading, track, and tumbling. Ava Grace was part of the back to back Middle School State Championship cheerleading team. When Ava Grace graduates, she wants to be a plastic surgeon. RTCA congratulates 6th grader Ava Grace NeeSmith.

Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s February Student of the Month is junior Katie McDuffie. Katie is the daughter of Randy and Jolie McDuffie. She has two older brothers, Luke and Mark. Katie has attended RTCA since K4. Katie was selected by faculty because she is a hard worker, has a desire to learn and always supports her school by attending games and activities. Katie is a member of the Leo Club and participates in archery and tennis at RTCA. Katie also enjoys hunting and spending time with family and friends. After graduation, Katie plans on attending college and pursue a degree in the medical field. RTCA congratulates junior Katie McDuffie.