Purpose and Eligibility

RTCA maintains an active interscholastic sports program, competing in football, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, shotgun, track, soccer, wrestling, cheerleading, and cross country with other private schools in Georgia. Student participation in sports is an excellent way to learn or reinforce many character and life skills such as being part of a team, being gracious in winning and losing, developing leadership skills, showing respect for others, etc. The coaching staff at RTCA also emphasizes Christian concepts at practice and in the games.

The school is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA).  All students participating in athletics are required to exhibit a positive Christian attitude at all times, on and off campus. Student athletes must be counted present at school in order to practice or play on a particular day. A student must be present for four classes in order to be counted present. In extreme situations (death of family member, immediate family member graduation, etc.) the student may appeal the attendance rule to the Headmaster.

Eligibility Requirements

RTCA students must pass at least 5 subjects to be eligible during the following semester. For example, a student who has passed 5 subjects for the first semester (approximately one-half of the academic school year) is eligible for the second semester. A student who passes 5 subjects, for the second semester or for the year is eligible for the following year. Of the 5 subjects, three must be in the following subject areas: English, Foreign Language, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Religion and Business Education. Excluded from any credit is teacher’s aide, office aide, and study hall.  Students who do not pass the required 5 subjects for the first semester may be allowed to become eligible at the end of the 3rd nine weeks grading period if they are passing the required 5 subjects at that time.

Summer school credits are limited to one credit for sport eligibility.

All students must take four (4) or more classes on campus to be eligible.

No student may participate in more than two team sports simultaneously unless otherwise approved by administration.

RTCA follows the GISA’s policy for Mitigating Head Related Injuries During Athletic Practices.

RTCA follows the GISA Rules and Regulations for Eligibilty Requirements.

Acknowledgement of Risk