“Robert Toombs Christian Academy provides an atmosphere in which God is glorified by encouraging and equipping students to develop a personal relationship with Christ and to display and witness Christ-like character in their everyday lives.”

Communal Worship is an integral part of a healthy walk with Christ. Our goal is to help each student grow in their walk with Christ as they study, understand and obey God’s word and develop a Christian world and life view. RTCA students attend weekly chapel services in order to worship through music, prayer, and the study of scripture. Opportunities exist to challenge them in their faith and to help them grow in their wisdom and understanding of who God is and what His plan is for them. Each division caters these services to the specific needs of their students, but all share the same goal – to glorify, honor and praise the name of Christ.

At no time has RTCA required or expected every student to accept and proclaim the tenets of the Christian Faith. RTCA believes that a youth’s preparation for college and his/her understanding of the history of our country is incomplete without having learned something of “faith” as it is taught and lived at RTCA.