Recently, on a cold, windy night under the lights at Forest City Gun Club in Savannah, GA, Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s junior Bradlan McDonald was successful in breaking the final targets to capture the state title of HOA (High Overall) in AA GISA Shotgun. Earlier that afternoon, after the final scores had been submitted, it was determined that Bradlan and another shooter were tied for HOA. His scores during the 2-day competition brought him down to a shootoff for this coveted title. Bradlan’s score was 289 out of 300 targets from the combined scores in Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays. The shoot-off was the final event of the evening. In order  to break the tie, the shooters had to shoot 30 targets; 10 Skeet, 10 Trap, and 10 Sporting Clays. Both competitors broke 9 out of 10 in Skeet, 10 out of 10 in Trap, and advanced to Sporting Clays with a tie. Bradlan lost the coin toss and had to shoot first. Bradlan dropped one in his first pair, but shot the next four pair clean, giving him a score of 9 out of 10 hits. His competitor broke the first two pair, dropped one target on his third pair, then dropped one target on his fourth pair giving Bradlan the win!

During the competition that was held on November 19-20th, Bradlan shot a 99 in Skeet, 97 in Sporting Clays, and a 93 in Trap. These scores placed him first in AA State Skeet, first in AA State Sporting Clays, and fourth in AA State Trap. Bradlan was also named to the Georgia All-State team for the 2021 season. His Crusaders team also placed 2nd in AA State Shotgun.
Bradlan McDonald has participated in Clay sports for 5 years at RTCA. He began shooting with the Crusaders during his 8th grade year and also participates with a local team, Gator Creek Young Guns. He is an avid hunter, plays baseball, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Bradlan is looking forward to competing with his teammates next year. In the meantime, he plans to compete with his local 4-H team, his Gator Creek team in SCTP, and in NSCA events.