Robert Toombs Christian Academy held its annual all-school Field Day on Friday, May 11. There were a total of 16 teams vying for the 2018 R.T.C.A. Field Day Trophy. Each team included students in grades Kindergarten through twelfth, with Senior students as the team captain. Some of the events included: bat spin basketball, football toss, cheese heads, water over under, sponge toss relay, football toss and of course the coveted tug of war. “I look forward to Field Day every year because we are the only school in the surrounding county who allows the whole school to participate in Field Day. I really enjoy getting to see our students come together as one. The Seniors really take control of their team and make sure the younger students are having a good time and help them get through each race. I would also like to thank the faculty for helping to run each of the races,” Jake Wilkinson, RTCA coach and Field Day coordinator.


Pictures L-R:

Front Row: Sadie Moser (Senior) Brantley Black (2nd Grade), Katie Thompson (5th Grade), Kailey Dismuke (3rd Grade), Zachary McLeod (3rd Grade), Addysen Smith (1st Grade), Joel Hussey (K5),

Back Row: Brandon Mainer (Senior), Robert Brown (Junior), Clayton Meadows (8th Grade), Britton Botelho (7th Grade), Owen Belcher (6th Grade), Autumn Moore (4th Grade), Justin Dees (Sophomore), Nelson Thigpen (Freshman), Justin Bowers (5th Grade)