Robert Toombs Christian Academy held its annual Middle School Honor’s Day, Thursday, May 17, in the RTCA gym. Eighth graders Ashvi Sinha and Jackson Newton received perfect attendance for the school year. Students who participated in the Spelling Bee, Junior Beta Club and Chess Team were awarded with certificates of their achievements.

Students who made the Headmaster’s List include sixth graders Sydney Smith, Emmie Davis, Caley Anna Braddock, Caroline Thompson, Cole Masterman-Smith, Sukumar Paidi, seventh graders Mary Claire Wolfe, Emma Tapley, Emma NeeSmith, Kate Kennedy, Nicole Acosta, Andrew Tuck, Sebastian Holmes, eighth graders Ashvi Sinha, Ellie Graham, Marli McCraine, Ansleigh Toomer, Jackson Newton, Cheyenne Anderson, Bailey Holland and Maggie Standard.

This year’s Honor Roll students were: sixth graders Alli Hart, Kristen Chong, Hayden Kight, Kayleigh Sanders, Lauren Bell, Evan Adams, Trent Smith, seventh graders, William Soto, Chase Moye, Britton Botelho, eighth graders Trevor Wheeler, Rileigh Robinson, Clayton Meadows and Madison Williams.

Middle School teachers awarded students with Awards in English, Science, Math, History, Band and Art. English awards were given to sixth grader Caley Anna Braddock, seventh grader Emma NeeSmith and eighth grader Ellie Graham. Science awards were accepted by sixth grader Caroline Thompson, seventh grader Emma NeeSmith and eighth grader Ashvi Sinha. Math awards were given to sixth grader Caley Anna Braddock, seventh graders Emma NeeSmith, Carleigh Miley, eighth graders Trevor Wheeler and Ashvi Patel. Social Studies awards were given to sixth grader Caroline Thompson, seventh grader Andrew Tuck and eighth grader Ellie Graham. Mrs. Trowel, Band coordinator, awarded sixth grader Kate Kennedy Outstanding Musician and sixth grader Owen Belcher Most Valuable Player. Sixth grader Alli Hart, seventh grader Kate Kennedy and eighth grader Maggie Standard were awarded the Character Awards.

Overall Academic Average Awards were awarded to middle school students who received the highest and second highest overall averages. Sixth graders Caley Anna Braddock and Cole Masterman-Smith tied for highest overall and Caroline Thompson received second highest overall average. Emma NeeSmith received highest overall and Nicole Acosta received second highest overall average for the seventh grade class. Highest overall average for eighth grade was Ellie Graham and second highest overall average was Ashvi Sinha.

Middle School Teacher of the Year was awarded to Mr. Tommy Patrick. Mr. Patrick has taught in the public school system for 30 years, and has been teaching Middle School at R.T.C.A. for two years.  “I am so proud to work with such excellent teachers.  As you can to tell from the standing ovation he received from his students, he is a beloved teacher who always puts his students first.  They love his classes and I am so happy to have him as a member of our faculty,” states Tracey Adams, Assistant Headmaster of Academic Affairs.


Pictured L-R: Sixth Graders Caley Anna Braddock (Highest Overall Average), Caroline Thompson (2nd Highest Overall Average), Cole Masterman-Smith (Highest Overall Average)


Pictured L-R: Seventh Graders Emma NeeSmith (Highest Overall Average) and Nicole Acosta (2nd Highest Overall Average)


Pictured L-R: Eighth Graders Ashvi Sinha (2nd Highest Overall Average) and Ellie Graham (Highest Overall Average)


Pictured: Mr. Tommy Patrick-Middle School Teacher of the Year