Tuition Breakdown

Grade Level Annual Monthly
Pre K (Whole Day) $4989 $415
Pre K (Half Day) $4221 $351
Elementary (K5-4) $5619 $468
Middle School (5-8) $5758 $479
High School $5909 $492

Tuition is due on the 5th day of each month. Monthly payments are for 12 months, July through June. The first child in each family is full pay, the 2nd child receives a 5% discount and a 10% discount is given for the 3rd or more children.

Individual Student Fees

  Pre K3/K4 K5 – 4th 5th-12th
*Re-Enrollment Fee $175 $200 $200
Open Enrollment Fee $250 $275 $350
Student Activity Fee $50 $100 $175
Technology Fee $25 $25 $25

Re-Enrollment February 1st 2019-February 28th 2019

Open Enrollment March 1st 2019-Until classes are full

A 3% discount is offered if Individual Student Fees are paid in full.

Building/Maintenance Fee

The building and Maintenance Fee is charged PER FAMILY and is $250.00.

Payment Options

A 3% discount is offered for those who pay the total amount due on Individual Student Fees

We offer an option to pay the registration portion of fees and have the balance owed added to monthly tuition payment.

Visit our Tuition Policy page for more information about paying fees.